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"Qualität ist niemals Zufall.

Sie ist immer das Ergebnis hoher Ziele,

aufrichtiger Bemühung,

intelligenter Vorgehensweise

und geschickter Ausführung."

William A. Foster

First of all - I am glad you found my homepage. Welcome!

My name is Johanna Steigenberger, I'm 34 years old and for as long as I can remember, what I'm most enthusiastic about has been "the wide world": its geographical areas, its societies with their cultural peculiarities, their history and development.

My two great passions are therefore languages and traveling. When you can talk to people in other parts of the world, understand their news, their literature, and maybe even their jokes, that opens up a whole new perspective. After my studies (conference interpreting), very many language courses and a lot of traveling I'm working on and with six languages: German, French, English, Russian, Romanian, Italian (and a little bit of Turkish).

I was born in Lilienfeld, Lower Austria, but for more than fifteen years I have felt at home in Graz, the city with the mildest temperatures, the most romantic rooftops, the cosiest Christmas markets, the highest density of students (and the best Sauvignon Blanc) in Austria.

In my job I'm trying to combine all these interests: Since graduating in 2013, I have been working as a freelance interpreter and translator for French, as a state-certified city guide for Graz and Vienna and as a tour guide throughout Europe, .


Born in Lilienfeld in 1987

2006 High school degree "Matura", BG / BRG Lilienfeld

2010 Bachelor's degree in transcultural communication for French and Russian / University of Graz

Since 2010 learning the Romanian language in self-study

2013 Master's degree in conference interpreting for French and Russian / University of Graz

Since 2017 foreign language courses for Italian and Turkish / University of Graz

State-certified tourist guide for Austria since 2019, "Austria Guide"

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