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A mediterranean flair, an old town with UNESCO World Heritage status, a top position in design, research and development, and the best cuisine in the country: Austria's second largest city has much to show!

As a state-certified tourist guide and member of the Graz Guides Association, I offer exciting, entertaining and informative city tours through my beautiful hometown Graz and through southern Styria.

In almost ten years as a tour guide I've learned that visitors usually want to get to know a city or a country as a whole, in all its aspects. That's why I try to keep my tours very varied: I tell about the past and the present, about little rumors and big stories, about our economy and our universities, about notorious neighborhoods and glamorous figures - and of course about where there's the best ice cream and the most beautiful photo spots.

City tours are possible in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Romanian.

For requests or more information, call me without obligation or write to me using the contact form.

Tel .: +43 650 9031526


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"Johanna (...) had an ear for us, was there for us, knows her field perfectly. Just compliments to her."


guest on a tour to Austria from France

"Johanna did her job (...) very competently. Her knowledge and her charming nature greatly enriched our trip."


participant in a study tour group from Austria

"The students were SO excited about this trip. Most will not get back to (...) Austria, and they left with a very positive impression. Johanna did an awesome job as tour guide (...), a true professional with excellent enthusiasm and passion. "


lecturer at Pennsylvania State University and organizer of a

trip to Austria for students


Here you will find two videos that were made during the Corona period. Once a sporty tour over Schloßberg, the beautiful hill right at the center of our city, and once a tour through the creative district of St. Leonhard (both in German):

Guided tours 2023

There are also a number of public tours that I lead.

After registering, you can simply participate as an individual.

You can find all information about this


City tour Graz up to 1.5 hours (walking tour or bus tour): 110.00 EUR

Up to 2 hours: 140.00 EUR

Up to 3 hours: 170.00 EUR

Up to 4 hours: 200.00 EUR

Full day (up to 8 hours): 300.00 EUR

Entry into the interior of clock tower or bell tower (accessible only with a certified guide):

1.00 EUR per person per tower

Other services (lectures, support, pick-up, airport transfer): on request           

* For particularly large groups with over 30 people, it is advisable to split the group up and order a second city guide. I would be happy to do that for you or recommend trusted colleagues.

Fees for rented buses to be covered by the customer.

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