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Video interpreting

As a qualified conference interpreter I have been providing the highest quality interpreting and translation services for ten years.

My language combinations are German <>French <> English.

My main thematic areas are:

Tourism (geography, history, culture), technology, medicine and cosmetics, agriculture and the social and public sector.


My services primarily cover the following areas:

  • Interpreting:

    • Lectures, presentations, guided tours (simultaneous or consecutive)

    • Liaison interpreting (delegations, press groups etc.)

    • Technology: project support, including long-term (correspondence, interpreting at the project site, telephone conferences, presentations etc.)

    • Technical trainings (simultaneous or consecutive)

    • Social and public sector (authorities, police, prisons, hospitals, psychotherapy etc.)

    • Video and telephone interpreting

  • Translation:

    • Translation of non-fiction books, especially in the areas of agriculture and gardening

For inquiries or further information, do not hesitate to contact me using the contact form, email or telephone.

Email: j_steigenberger(at)

Telephone: +43 650 9031526


For inquiries regarding languages or settings that I do not serve, I would be happy to recommend high-profile colleagues to you.


The price for an interpreting assignment or a translation depends on the scope of work, the urgency and the amount of preparation required. You can find information about the current fees in the publications of the UNIVERSITAS translation association:

REFERENCES (French <–> German):


  • La Strada, festival for street art, Graz

  • OMEGA Center for Integration, Graz

  • Metagro Edelstahltechnik AG, stainless steel technology, Hainfeld

  • Labugger's Kürbiskernölpresse KG, pumpkin seed oil production (translation of an advertising film), Lebring

  • Translation of several books specialised on gardening and cooking for Leopold Stocker Verlag publishing house, Graz

  • Caritas Marienambulanz, medical first aid for people without medical insurance, Graz

  • AGRIA Agrarreisebüro Neumeister GmbH, study trips specialised on agriculture, Allerheiligen bei Wildon

  • SAVD Videodolmetschen GmbH, online interpreting services, Vienna

  • Niedermair & Frey Maschinenbau GmbH, mechanical engineering, Grambach near Graz

Links to literature (selection) that I have translated for the German-speaking market:

  • "Fermentieren leicht gemacht", Stocker Verlag publishing house

  • "Pflanzenschutz- und Düngemittel selbst gemacht", Stocker Verlag publishing house

  • "Mischkulturen im Gemüsegarten", Stocker Verlag publishing house

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