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Whether scientific work, homepage, menu, application letter or advertising brochure - texts are much more than just information providers, they are figureheads. A correct and appealingly worded text can be the decisive criterion for ensuring that a customer buys your product, that the HR department invites you to an interview, that you get a good grade for your work.

If you are learning foreign languages at a high level, then it is essential to have a perfect command of your mother tongue. For eight years I have been correcting and editing German texts of all kinds (homepages, folders, advertising brochures, academic papers, etc.).


Do you need professional text proofreading? Simply send me the text to be corrected (or a link to it) and let me know what type of correction or editing (see below) you want. If you are unsure, I will be happy to call you and we will clarify your needs together. I would be happy to make you a non-binding offer.


Phone: +43 650 9031526


The price depends on the form of your source text, the expected time required and the urgency. To give you a rough idea, here are some guidelines:

Proofreading (spelling, punctuation, grammar)

from EUR 0.10 per standard line (= 55 characters including spaces)

Editing (spelling, punctuation, grammar + formulations, expression, text flow)

from EUR 0.20 per standard line (= 55 characters including spaces)

Texting (folders, flyers, posters, product descriptions, etc.)

according to time spent (hourly rate)

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